Monday, June 28, 2010

QTP Interviews : Tips

QTP is the buzz word in testing industry, and a decent experience in QTP, should land you decent jobs if Test Automation is your area.
However as always, there are certain things to be taken care, when attending the QTP interview, below are my insights especially as i have been conducting interviews for the past three years.

1 : Questions depends on the experience summary
2 : Questions vary for 1+, 3+ , 5 + experience candidates, so be mindful of the amount of experience to be noted if you are not confident on some concepts.

I have classified the skillsets in Jr, Med and Sr levels but this does not consider those who would like to be Auto consulatants.

3: Some factors looked upon for a junior Automation Engg ( 1+)
         Clear understanding of Basic concept
          Automation Tool features
          Pin Point navigation of Options and Settings
          Passion and keenness to learn and explore new things
          Be sure to point any extra Automation tasks you have carried out other than project assignments, this
defines your interest into the area.
          Accurate syntax of commonly used statements

4. Some factors for medium level Auto Engg, In addition to above skill sets, these candidates should be equipped to handle questions on:
         Clear with need for Automation
         Info on other tools and why QTP scores over others
         Ability to review and prepare deliverables other than scripts
         Best practices information
         Framework Defintion

5. Finally, there are not many to be called as Automation experts, but for Senior Auto Engg
         Framework defintion and how to chose one, factors that define the choice
         Ability to build Auto process from nothing
         Strong information on alternate Auto mechanism and hold on some of them
         Industry standards
         Effective and Effecient Automation
         Balance Technical information with sound process knowledge
         Sound Estimation and ROI calculating mechanism

Automation consultants are more of one man army, who should and is expected to posses knowledge on every aspect of the tool and Automation in general, would be coming up with a different thread on them